I’ll let you know my secrets,
I’ll give you what I know.
I’ll tell you all that made me,
I’ll show you where I go.

There is no understanding
Without first feeling pain.
The blinding light of breakthrough sun,
On shoulders soaked by rain.

The humble yet delicious
Crust of bread, with butter – cold,
When hunger is upon you;
Rich and crumbly; yeasty gold.

A gift wrapped box beside a glass,
A pair of soft, warm socks.
A fire lit, the record slow.
The doors and windows locked.

Temptation to exceed our needs,
Surrounds our daily world .
Intoxicating thoughts, that need
the freedom, to unfurl .

Plenty comes and plenty goes,
In circles round and round
Shuffling things and thoughts and dreams
Re-rooting feet to ground.

Take a moment, separate
Desire from what is meant.
Sometimes lives and shelves of books
Are fleeting, borrowed, lent.

Only to be found again
In other guises, hands
Unearthing glinting treasure
Hidden in the hearts of man

A pure and sweet elixir,

The taste that brings you home.

Unlocking every bolted latch,

Switching off the phone.

A thousand miles can take you,
To the place you started from.
If what you have already lives-
In you, where it belongs.

This bottle needs no label,
Drink me, eat me, turn the key.
For I know that finding you,
Is finding home in me.


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Beautiful poem Liz. As serial movers, I often wonder if Walt and will ever gather moss! But then I realised what moss I have gathered… it’s not the building itself but the people who come in and out of it, my photos and pictures, my Mum’s old bits of jewellery and China, the honeysuckle that has gone crazy this year and sitting in the shade with my coffee before the day heats up! Miss you. Yxx

    1. Absolutely people are most important. This last year has taught me that more than at any other time and I hope to see more of those we hold dear , now that we can finally. Can’t wait to see you and sit under your honeysuckle (or mine) one day soon xxxx Miss you too đŸ™‚ xx

  2. It was wonderful to see you on Saturday, and to meet Allan. Your exhibition was most impressive and we love our purchases. Tim would like to know the story of the wee Teddy in the teacup, and is curious about the background… I think it’s a rug or carpet? We wish you all every happiness in your latest venture. Sad that St Abbs wasn’t the forever home you’d dreamt, of but hopeful your next destination will be. My Nana used to live in Bexhill, East Sussex. Hazel, my twin & I headed down there last August, from London, to reminisce. It was surreal revisiting a place we hadn’t been to since 1967, and remembering so much of it! Will you be with your Mum until you find somewhere? Good luck and the best of health to you. Love always, Gillian & Tim xx

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