Hi I’m Liz, owner and manger of Liz at the Beach Hut. A world of magic and inspiration in the everyday and the extra ordinary. In drawing everything is possible, and where we begin . Both in our creations and in our classes over at Sea Sparkle . This small range is part of a larger body of my work and has been completed since and throughout the Pandemic. Everyone is welcome at the Beach Hut.

Thankyou for choosing to wander through our blog and gallery. We hope you find something inspiring and beautiful to take home with you! Explore an ever growing range of unique and beautiful Artwork made affordable for you: from Venice lagoons to Summer gardens, from the delights of the seashore to your favourite childhood memories.

Please get in touch with any ideas for Artwork. Our print range has something to suit all tastes and there are several individual ranges of artwork such as seabirds, vintage toys and Greek and Italian doorways. Individual commissions are always welcome. x Scroll down to each section- Prints, Large Cards, Small Cards, packs of items and bespoke brooches. Please enquire by email for anything else. Thanks, Liz.

Alphabet prints £12 each or 3 for £30

All other A4 Prints. Extensive Choice £12 each or £30 for 3

Product NumberProductOrder
1 A4P1KSKalivi in the snow 
2 A4P2HWHarbour wall 
3 A4P3GJGreek jug 
4  A4P4TCTeacake 
5 A4P5IBItalian Balcony 
6 A4P6VDVenetian Doorway 
7 A4P7GSGreek steps 
8 A4P8GAGreek Alleyway 
9 A4P9GAGannets 
10 A4P10TRTern on rock 
11 A4P11SSeagull 
12 A4P12PFPuffin with fish 
13 A4P13CPCheeky puffin 
14 A4P14FNFulmar Nesting 
15 A4P15SSSeaside 
16 A4P16LBLittle Boats 
17 A4P17SHSeahorse 
18 A4P18VGVenetian Gondolier 
19 A4P19LVLittle Venice 
20 A4P20BLBlue Lagoon 
21 A4P21EMEyemouth 
22 A4P22BBrighton 
23 A4P23GIGreek island 
24 A4P24KIKingfisher 
25 A4P25RORobin 
26 A4P26WRWren 
27 A4P27BTBlue tit 
28 A4P28BFBullfinch 
29 A4P29LSLady of the sea 
30 A4P30TTTeddy teacup 
31 A4P31KMKalivi Moonlight 
32 A4P32STStarling 
33 A4P33SPSpinning top 
34 A4P34BSBaby shoes 
35 A4P35WTWooden train 
36 A4P36TJTwo for joy 
37 A4P37SLSummer of Ladybirds 
38 A4P38PEPeonies 
39 A4P39WSWinter stag 
40 A4P40WHWinter Hare   
41 A4P41DADaisy 
42 A4P42PEPears 
43 A4P43CPColdingham Priory 
44 A4P44LMLittle mouse 
45 A4P46WRWoodland reflections 
46 A4P47BSHBlue Skye house 
47 A4P48POPost office 
48 A4P49SASt Abbs 
49 A4P50LBSLife by the sea  

Alphabet Prints
63A4PALIIce cream 
64A4PALJJar jelly beans 
71A4PALQQuirky quails 
76A4PALVVintage van 
78A4PALXXiphias Gladius 
81 A3SAPA3 St Abbs Photo poster 

Large A5 card with envelope £4

Full list below

Product NumberProductOrder
LCLarge cards 
1LC1FFFairy Fritillaria 
2 LC2 BHThe Blue Hut 
3 LC3 GLGrandmas Laudry 
4 LC4 SLSparkle in the lagoon 
5 LC5 RTRhythm of trees 
6 LC6 LWHLittle White house 
7 LC7 ROSReflections on shore 
8 LC8 SHSecret hideaway 
9 LC9 VWVenetian Wall 
10 LC10 BLBridge over Lagoon 
11LC11 HHonesty 
12 LC12 RGRoslin Glen 
13 LC13 HHHideaway hut 
14LC14 HPHidden pond 
15LC15 KSKalivi in the snow 
16 LC16 HMHarbour drawing 
17 LC17 GJGreek jug 
18 LC18TCTeacake 
19LC19IBItalian Balcony 
20 LC20 VDVenetian Doorway 
21 LC21GSGreek steps 
22 LC22GAGreek Alleyway 
23 LC23 GGannets 
24 LC24 TRTern on rock 
25 LC25 SSeagull 
26 LC26 PFPuffin with fish 
27  LC27 CPCheeky puffin 
28 LC28 FNFulmar nesting 
29 A5C WHWish you were here 
30 A5C LSSWe love seaside 
31 A5C BHBeach Huts 
32 A5C MLMorning Line 
33 A5C BTSBy the Seaside 

Small Cards and postcards

A5 mini posters or giant seaside postcards!£10 for 5

Postcards £6 for 4

Small A5 card with envelope Alphabet or favourite designs £3

Full Alphabet of 26 cards £50

Product NumberProductOrder
SMSmall cards  
1 SMC3STASt Abbs 
2 SMC2POPost Office 
3 SM3EMEyemouth 
4 SMC4GGirl 
5 SMC5HHare 
7 SMC7BTSBy the sea 
8 SMC8HHarbour 
9 SMC9WWall

10 SMC10 AlAAnchor 
11 SMC11 AlBBike 
12 SMC12 AlCCat 
13 SMC 13AlDDog 
14 SMC14 AlEEgs 
15 SMC15 AlFFoxgloves 
16 SMC16 AlGGlasses 
17 SMC 17AlHHouse 
18 SMC18 AlIIce cream 
19 SMC19 AlJJar jelly beans 
20 SMC20 AlKKeys 
21 SMC21 AlLLion 
22 SMC 22AlMMagpies 
23 SMC23 AlNNecklace 
24 SMC24 AlOOwl 
25 SMC25 AlPPhoto 
26 SMC26 AlQQuirky quails 
27 SMC27 AlRRose 
28 SMC28 AlSShoes 
29 SMC29 AlTTeapot 
30 SMC30 AlUUtensils 
31 SMC 31AlVVintage van 
32 SMC32 AlWWatch 
33 SMC33 AlXXiphias Gladius 
34 SMC34 AlYYacht 
35 SMC35 AlZZebra 

Beach Hut brooch 6.50

Product NumberProductOrder
1  C1BHBBeach Hut brooch6.50
2 C2GB Goddess brooch8
23 C23AL26Full 26 Alphabet cards£50
24 PC424Postcard pack 4£6
25 Artcards55 A5 Art cards£10

Please email your choices to lizatthebeachhut@lizatthebeachhut

Stating clearly which designs you like and your details

or copy and paste the form below, using the bank details underneath.

Order Form

ProductPriceQuantity and detailsTotal
Please add £2.50 for single orders, £4 for 2-3, £6 for 4-7 £7 8-10 £8 10 plus items.

Bank Details; Bank of Scotland E J Walker 80:45:94 Acc no 10671466

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Send love by post. Handwritten messages available on request .x

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Have a wonderful Day !

Liz x