Spring and Summer 2020

Hello fellow artists and friends. This newsletter comes to you from our little corner of the world and our family . We hope that everyone is well and safe and want to thank you for your continued support and inspiration. In February, life had gone supersonic with creativity, having just had an exhibition with our mental health group, stock was being made for craft fairs and exhibitions throughout the year.

Work was completed and displayed in the Communal Art space Serendipity in Berwick

Treasure Boxes

Lots of card designs in two sizes

Sale of popular Local house Painting

Local Artwork created to be available as prints and marketing for Eyemouth Art trail

Artwork exhibited at the beautiful Marshall Meadows just outside Berwick- upon- tweed.

Art became suddenly a shared experience. Every day a drawing was completed in the early hours and shared with 3 different groups and on facebook.

Prints, cards and Vintage beach art

Fully lined beach bags

Large card £4 ;Sent directly with handwritten message to your recipient £5.

Doggie portraits for friends in Spain

Commission for Band Logo

Portraiture Gift for good friends

Sea sparkle blog, page for community art events and groups. Talks with Charity advisers.

And then suddenly we all had to stop… adjust, re think, nurture those close to us and stay safe.

This was a special time throughout the lockdown, giving a structure and discipline to not only my own work but in delivering something positive to others. The friendships created in the groups have gone beyond drawing and remain a positive outcome from a tricky few months.


The hubbub of chatter and magic in the group art classes has become zooms or whatsapps.. And the future is still not quite mapped out for Artists and Crafts-people, providers of art-spaces and those of us mentoring individuals through creativity..

Work in galleries has been temporarily replaced by a gallery in the shed !

Artwork will be available for the foreseeable future online, given that craft fairs ( which were also set up for Autumn for Liz at the Beach Hut through the Friday Market in St Abbs) is not running at the moment.


It has been lovely to work with my friend Ruth Gilchrest on a project celebrating the poet Edwin Morgan.

Edwin Morgan: Three Transitionary Poems by James… | Poetry Magazine

Several of you have become involved and our application is being considered currently for a collaborative project. Regardless of whether this occurs, we will still put together an exhibition of any work submitted by you. Many of you in these heady Summer days are inspired by Morgan’s poem ‘Strawberries’. This has been a wonderful starting point for a piece. Thank you for your ideas so far xx


strawberry | Description, Cultivation, Species, & Facts | Britannica

Speaking of which… It would be lovely to showcase your thoughts, paintings, creative work, ideas generally from this period of time. Please do find the courage to let us see how you have coped, found balance, relaxation and kept up with friends through art. If you feel comfortable with your pictures, poems, haiku etc being shared.. ping them in an email or on messenger and a gallery of your art will be online on Sea sparkle facebook and blogs shortly.

One of our regular contributors!

The Autumn schedule for ‘Liz at the Beach hut’ will be up to individual clients to decide in many ways. If you feel you would like an individual Art Tuition and can co-ordinate your p.p.e in the house, that can be arranged. Although it is possible to travel , mobility issues in addition to the current climate can hamper flexible workshop provision just now. Sea Sparkle Art classes will be small and perfectly formed for the time being..

Wallpaper : people, old, women, portrait, sitting, indoors, hood ...

It may be that we might need to look different zoom Art groups for now. I am already in consultations with a charity to set this up for them, and it might be that we all need to plan the next few months differently. Zoom has been a lifeline for many people over the last 17 wks, Without exception, speaking every week has been a lovely way to check that all was well and to continue a thread of ideas and conversation. Even from holiday in Sussex

One of the successes of the year has been the art bags co-ordinated for a charity I work with. This scheme will be used as an exemplar for future projects in Berwickshire. The bags filled with Art materials are used in conjunction with art class projects.


Art bags will also soon be available to buy in combination with handmade beach bags (lined) Online Shop open soon.. (a few product samples below)

I will be organising some online video classes at some stage. (With tuition from the younger member of the household…) Details will follow in September.

Detail of painting ( reveal in next newsletter, as it is a present for a friend’s hubby!!)

Mini Shop Price List

Prints – List available on request. £15

Giclee Prints also available for some Artwork in limited print runs.)

Small cards £3

Large card £4

Plus p and p

Message writing and postage to recipient service available for £1.

Bags £22

Beach bag, lined with pvc. Pockets for shells and pencils.

Beach hut brooch £7

Quirky girl brooch £8

Cushion £25

If you have any questions, ideas or requests please email lizatthebeachhut@yahoo.co.uk

If you would like to be involved in the setting up or as a trustee for Sea Sparkle please let me know

For art classes at Skye Blue house email lizatthebeachhut@yahoo.co.uk

To purchase a product or a commission bank transfers can be made by paypal or directly .

Re-Design a la Kiss Me Koko | Piggy bank, Piggy, Vintage knick knacks

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Birds on typewriter machine vintage art print Posters and Prints ...

Keep in touch, keep creating, keep communicating however that is for you, and stay positive. Your friends, Liz, Leah, and the zoo at Skye Blue House XXX