She tells glitter spells by the Seashore

WALS0170 - Color My Heart Wall Mural - by OhPopsi 

We Love the beach
We go there to dream of no limits to our horizons. 
To play and lose time, to forget, to remember,
to sleep, and to wake up the child long dormant
who longs to escape.
Where is the Beach Hut?
The beach hut is the art space we create 
wherever we gather

April 2015 062


Creating   Art    Friendship 
  Stories   Experience   Skills   Good Mental Health
Close the door, stop the clocks
Put the music on and soak in the sound
of pencils marking paper
and scissors snipping fabric.
Let the poetry inside, out

A beach hut wherever we are

Thirty Years of Teaching

There’s still a child in all of us.


Find a place to play

‘The Beach Hut’ is wherever we are. 

is what we make

Sea Sparkle is the collective name of the

community Artwork produced by our artists.

Their weekly online gallery can be seen at

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