Dalkeith Arts


We were really fortunate to spend four years with some very special people in and around our last home. Being involved in Dalkeith Arts was initially a great way of getting out into a cultured environment with a small person in tow, and when it became an organisational position, and I was asked to be their Arts Co-ordinator, I learnt on the job and found skills I’d forgotten about . From co-ordinating exhibitions with the team, delegating out to sub-groups throughout the year, managing emails, paperwork and posters, meeting for committee meetings, chairing meetings, and teaching workshops, at times it was a full time job ( an unpaid job!) But the core committee at times when we could have given up, kept ploughing on with positivity and slowly drew in new, jolly bouncy people to help. Unfortunately, due to geographical distance, Brownies at night! and the general ebb and flow of change, we found it impossible to stay  involved, which felt like an appropriate time to make the change. The team is going great and like a river just keeps on flowing.. It would be lovely  to say here how rewarding and wonderful (along with frustrating and knackering) it was!

And to recognise how many amazing people we met. The genuine kindness, selflessness and wisdom of helpers, volunteers, creators, and the extended team who pulled events together at the last minute, was magic. I miss so many of you. It was like pulling off a plaster leaving. You can’t half involve yourself in something so all encompassing. And I am sure that the new team members are all raring to go , taking it on to heady heights.

More bits and bobs will be added here in time, once all the photos are found post move! But, it was long overdue to pop something up,  and wish D.A all the best. So, thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed bossing everyone about on my sticks at exhibitions… (Only kidding… helping co-ordinate successful events, even do the public speaking, which it helped rekindle a long lost confidence in, ..) and get to know so many folk.  Love and good health, keep the door open to everyone and keep smiling at each other. You are all welcome to drop in, pick our brains or borrow a white table cloth or two! xx

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