This week I tried to write this several times. And kept finding someone or something to feed instead. Words hovered, flirting with me, just out of reach, but not quite giving themselves up. Occasionally I caught a few in a word note but, before I tormented myself further, I unplugged everything, and plunged my handsContinue reading “Grow”


So here we are in our nest. As the dawn chorus begins, the early quiet hours are filled with brushstrokes and box opening, cobweb clearing and life laundry. Having had everything in storage for nine months, space was a strange experience. It was too short a time to forget your old life, but too longContinue reading “Unpack”


Never judge a shelf of books, Their covers bright or worn., Never think you know their words On pages crisp or torn. Life is unpredictable, Will catch you unawares. Life will take your breath away, Push you down the stairs. Life will keep you guessing, Shove you from behind. Life will show you miracles, ThenContinue reading “Deconstructed”


Path The blue gate was broken and gnarly, Its ivy clad paint chipped and torn. A keeper of secrets behind there, Forbidden since first she was born. She tried to avoid this direction For fear of what might her, befall. Inevitably, one rainy morning, A dog she was with, lost his ball. Now, if thisContinue reading “Path”


It’ was Lorraine’s fault There I was, minding my own business and the next thing I know, I am dancing in the dark with glow sticks in each hand. Now; I’m not good with walking these days, as you know. What was I thinking? Twenty years ago I was a pretty good dancer) I didContinue reading “Micro”

Paper Cut

We all need to feel grounded.  Walls and hedges, floors and edges, markers to our world’s defining spaces. Blanket stitching a creative space for everything to come, and everything to reflect upon; a place to heal within, to plan from.. A place to rest and go from next. A place to call home. A hubContinue reading “Paper Cut”