Vintage Desk

Today’s Art project.

This was an old desk bought in a charity furniture shop. I thought you might like to see its transformation. It has kept me quiet and distracted while the body does its annoying painful, temperamental, thing…When the pain gets painful and the tiredness hits, I Just remember I’m half fairy and I’m ok…..

So it’s got a base layer of acrylic white paint after a quick sand, (White acrylic and P.V.A glue are my mainstays of any project. The underlying layer of so many things we do..

And the main colour is a garden paint bought for outside projects but actually perfect in matt-ness and colour and type for a wooden cupboard. (…..never worry that your paint isn’t the right type.. just make sure that anything outside has yacht varnish on top, and that you understand your water based and oil paints and how to thin them. )

It is a lovely duck egg blue colour, which has the effect ( as in many of our projects of making them lighter and fresher.. The look is really different from the dark patina the desk had originally. It fits with our home and you can see things better in it! But I do like the old blotting paper with the original markings and scribbles so we might keep that!

I will probably paint a little beachy design on the front, after the office has stopped being a bedroom for relatives over Christmas, and I can spend more time in there. But in the mean time, I am quite pleased with the result and it has been a few hours well spent!

 ( and well  distracted!)

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