A little poem for you today from Skye Blue house 💙

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6 thoughts on “Cave

  1. Wonderfully appropriate for me…
    I can relate to all you said
    And sometimes, when it’s all to much,
    I just go back to bed… G x

    The last line was just because it rhymed!!
    Although I have felt like doing that more than once. However today I have “found” two tops I bought ages ago & haven’t yet worn, for my sons to gift me on my Birthday! I will now endeavour to part with two or more older items to help my wardrobe breathe again.
    Happy recycling, sorting, de cluttering – or whatever you wish to call it. I know it’ll take a while… forever… wish me luck?

    Love & special thoughts to you & L & the menagerie

    G xxxxxxxxxx

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    1. Thankyou !! And thankyou for the poem too! Oh the joy of gifting your own presents! I am something of an expert on that now , and the good thing is my memory is bad so I forgot what I have squirrelled away between now and next Christmas ! 🙂

  2. I love this Liz, it made me chuckle. You love your stuff and make it look so good , every corner of sky blue cottage is a treasure trove! Moving abroad is one way of decluttering, no other option and our house is so small , that not much more will fit in! Your treasures however don’t seem like clutter!

    1. That is the a very nice thing to hear! I do think there are ways of managing things that work better than others. And look forward to more opportunities to create interesting rooms and outbuildings . What I’d like more than anything is a self cleaning pre teens room………But if I had that Id make a fortune :)x

  3. I wish! The problem we have, is Bear eats anything below head height (ours, not his) and includes socks, scrunchies, books, phone cables, pencils, soft toys, the contents of a teenagers room basically, not to say anything of the cheese strings, cereal bar wrappers, especially with a heavenly bit left, chocolate ( yes- she has been told how BAD that is…. ) It’s a full time job..:) xx

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