Welcome to Our Space

Hello!!    So delighted to have finally put this together, as it has always felt that there was sooo much I wanted to share, and find out and put into one place. There have been previous blogglets and the dedicated face-book pages, but this will be….. the beach diary / shop space/ Pandora’s box of information and diary of all things lovely which we love in our new life by the sea… in our forever home.

beach huts 2015 034


I am Liz Walker, artist, maker of coast inspired creations, handmade felts and textiles, cards, cushions and bags, provider of workshops of creative sparkle to makers of all ages and abilities. I was a high school teacher for 18 years, as well as having my own business after leaving Edinburgh Art College in 1994. Like many people, the life I imagined way back then , grew legs and walked the other way.. or in my case with my legs .. didn’t.. !!

I have arthritis, and I live on my colourful  crutches! But through a variety of set- backs, and dragon quests, something amazing happened.. When life gives you lemons… I found that I wasn’t going to give up. You forget making lemonade, you make limoncello vodka jelly instead.. I found that I still existed, even on the worst days, and that there is always a way through.  This story didn’t happen in a straight line, and telling it wont be.

I am a perpetual filler- upper of half empty glasses ! My daughter and I are the hosts of creative classes for wonderful people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, and  experiences!  Bringing a blend of creating and calm, to a cornucopia of places, where, sometimes, we meet you, sometimes we meet old friends, and sometimes, no, a lot of the time, in amongst the laughing and mess, if we look at our warm ,friendly spaces….. magic is happening . These experiences can now be limited for me though, due to the nature of my condition, and are therefore even more special and valued.

We are also Liz and Leah and we are two of a kind. Mum plus one… and best mates  … (well most of the time….!!!)  there are some dubious moments … did someone say 8 going on 18? But mostly…. adventurers and intrepid explorers of all that is inspiring….. a team, who work together to bring our idea to you. She is a helper extraordinaire and has already shown great promise in the creative and organisational skill dept! Keeping going has also been achieved with an incredible mixey bag of friends , who pop up and help, and make it all possible.

We have a newly nearly decorated  home  by the sea… we have a sack-load of experience, ideas and projects you can do with us, or in your own home. And I hope this forum might be somewhere that ideas are shared too.

We have great friends but more are always welcome!  This is the diary of what we do. This is our scrapbook, and our photo album and our space to find out what you’re up to and sometimes to stop and listen to a bit of good old fashioned wisdom….. or just to look at inspirational pictures, you can never be lonely if you are armed with a smile, an open heart and a willingness to learn……….so, grab a bucket and a crab sandwich and….. .Until we move into our new dream space, in our village near the beach, this is Liz’s Beach Hut.. It’s wherever we are! !  And wherever you are.. IMG_4289

See you soon…xxx  Love Liz

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