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Beautiful St Abbs

Our journey to the sea began when I was a little girl being buried in the sand on Broadstairs Beach, or flooded in a caravan park in Wales. But we loved the thrill of the British Summer at the sea, where the days stretched out ahead with no plan, and parents mysteriously became languid and less bothered with dirt, schedules or routine..



seaside-rummage.jpg  You were allowed to collect treasure, eat gruesome combinations of extra salty and sugary food and make instant friends over a rock pool find. Even beach sandwiches tasted amazing when you were little, peppered with sand and suncream crusts.

1502805201614.jpg--kilkenny___best_chips_pollHow wonderful to stay there, in our perfect place.. Oh wait.. thirty more years had to happen first, lessons to be learnt, children stepchildren, divorce, flats, degrees and houses, people to meet and health issues to navigate. But the die was cast . I knew in my heart that one day there would be fishing boats and seagulls near my door. I just didn’t know when.



Several life issues collided and as I think I told you earlier, after five years in our temporary but lovely house that I bought when my life exploded, not being able to teach because of arthritis and also other slightly intrusive issues best left out of here…it was so time for an adventure! So we walked into an estate agent’s before Christmas last year and our house was sold in two weeks.

Our other house was lovely too. It was a hug house. It was what we needed at the time. Necessary to meet the friends I’m keeping for always, and to learn the tools in my newly polished, slightly scared tool kit.  Creating independence, bravery, strength and the ability to manage on our own against every set of odds imaginable.. that’s what that house gave us.

The best part ( and the worst bit about here ) is that my best friends could visit easily! I love these girls.. oh and one honorary girl.. sorry pal x. (although Australia is a bit far for a cuppa at either house !) They, and a few others had become my lifeline, having no family nearer than 400 miles. But they gently coaxed me,out of my fears and into my potential . Initially , I had that panic of  doing the right thing on moving.. it can be very very lonely and scary….

but look they do visit!! (This one is going to Spain now so we can all be brave at any time!)

new housey 043

(More on friends at a later date.. don’t worry Won’t miss anyone…. xx)

Some St Abbs Stuff

St Abbs is a little fishing village on the edge of another slightly bigger village of Coldingham, on the southeastern coast of Scotland,  within the  parish of Berwickshire, and is well known as a site for scuba divers. The sea around the village is unusually clear,  and the spectacular underwater scenery resulted in Britain’s first Voluntary Marine reserve being established here.


The double archway at “Cathedral Rock” is just 50 metres from the shore. Several small, nearby rocky islands, such as “Big Green Carr”, “Broad Craig” and “Little Carr” are near to the harbour and can be easily circumnavigated underwater.

A new visitor centre was opened in St Abbs in March 2011.The centre is located in the former village hall.  I may see some of you there sometime xx

St Abbs has its own privately funded and independent lifeboat station. The lifeboat station was originally established in 1911 following the sinking of the S.S. Alfred Erlandsen..

The station was previously operated by the RNLI but following its closure in 2015, a local fundraising effort saw the station saved through public donations and funding from the Tunnock’s company. The station was re-opened and the new boat launched on 17 September 2016. They are a very determined lot around here!

We miss our friends so much, but they do come, they stay longer , they bring their dogs and wellies and breathe deeper. We did the right thing for us and hope to see some of you in future projects with us here soon.

Love Liz and leah xx

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