Thank you B.F.F. XX


liz and leah

This little kitten is the person I am most proud of in the world . It isn’t always easy being her I’m sure , but we do have an awful lot of fun . Since the day she was born, after a long long long time and a lot of surgery and complications .. let’s just leave it there … she and I have felt like a team, and I feel it wouldn’t be right to do this page without thanking her .

So , despite the normal tantrums, tiaras, tears, meltdowns, moods and many many small plastic accessories , copious fluffy toys and inevitable grumps and grumbles  .. here’s a celebration of my partner in crime and the reason we can currently do what we do . Recognised as a young carer, she sometimes has to be that bit more grown up and I love the balance of hilarity we also get to have too . I know you’re not meant to say your kids are your best friend , but she is a pretty amazing  person . She’s kind and brave and has a huge heart .

She sometimes has to push a wheelchair, or a supermarket trolley, or help with picking things up that migrate south , and she mostly does it without question ! At times when there is anger over these things for her , there is soon after,  genuine love, compassion and an honest wish to be a team. I am so proud of the human being she is becoming , the way that the lessons life is throwing at her are developing her into someone with confidence, sparkle, wit and strength ,whilst still being very much a child , playing and running wild in the fields with her friends.

vintage mother

I love you so much  sweetheart and you are the fairydust in everything we do. You were put here , not to be my helper but to remind us all of how kind people can be and how to be a friend  , I cant wait to see what adventures we will get up to next.

All my love . Your mummy . xxx 

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  1. Your latest blog is wonderful Liz and have to say of course Mothers and are daughters can be best friends. My Mom was my very best friend and always will be😇

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