Three T’s

Tea-and-Toast1.jpgI think There’s a perfect time of day for everybody . Mine happens to be at five in the morning , much to my best friend’s horror when she heard my alarm go off when she stayed the night . In your magical time , your brain works best , your meds might be at their peak if that’s relevant ! Or your children might be sleeping ! ( oh yes … for most that’s a really important factor!) caffeine might be slowly inking its way like a 

 snake through your veins and the momentum to create, in your own chosen way is right there ready and waiting … I think this time is so precious . I really don’t like sleeping in , I feel cheated of my shuffling time . During this hour I can be known to do any of the following: paint furniture ( in front of a box set or drama on tv) write on here, catch up with posts and photos on our facebook sites lizatcreate and lizatthebeachhut after a community class, do the mum stuff that’s so good to get out the way before they wake up, and generally potter about feeding animals and doing whatever the opposite of unwinding is … 


But it’s more than that . It’s the mind stuff I like too . Being able to organise your thoughts and let a bit of intuition in , wander on a Facebook spaghetti path not knowing what blog or post you’ll end up being drawn to . It’s nice just to be, just to see what you’ll discover you’ll like to discover next ! Click on an audio , see what your pals are doing and learn things . Sometimes it’s when you sit down and just make or write . But I think if you put pressure on having to do a particular thing it won’t be enjoyable ……The whole point of T time is that it should be un-criticised by anyone, or be a list of chores like the rest of life . Be ready .. Have things in a box nearby just in case the urge comes over you during Eastenders!bd66d7ed9de4ab889f9c24abc6819f96--writers-shelves

( clearly I speak from experience ! )  I also find it’s good to do two things at once – like listen to a story on BBC iplayer radio drama at the same time as painting, or have half an eye on a film and decoupage your cupboard .. this has the unlikely result of absorbing all your senses , stopping you from thinking about crap and allowing you to relax into the task at hand .

You also remember the programme/ film etc through the creation every time you look at it . I remember a great rendition of Dorian gray , I watched , every time I see a particular painting I did for an exhibition. Association  .

This is also a good feed-your -brain -in -the -bath -time . Make the bath of your choice with all the usual shenanigans . Personally I find baths hard , ( but British showers are worse !) And I persevere for the peace I get . She hates the bath rack . It falls in the bath when she’s playing with her toys too splashily!! . But , it is great to hold a book on a wire rack , and has a thingy for a plate of toast . I’d leave the tea on the side of your bath if you model is like mine, we don’t want tea scalding injuries and more hospital visits !! And then  , read 10 pages of something wonderful that grows your mind !! In whatever direction you get drawn to at the library or bookshop .

hygge bath

There is so much to learn , and so many paths to choose . But it is so important to know what you do and don’t want in your head right now ( tomorrow can wait) … if history , politics, the worlds endangered elephants isn’t what your focus is today .. switch off a bit from that and you can still be a  decent person, directing your precious energy into what you’re interested and good at . 

Sometimes I don’t watch the news because it’s too much . But The world doesn’t stop , I haven’t changed how much I care , I won’t stop caring and I’ll catch up on important things . The tides will turn , the moon will swap places with the sun again . We’re not here long so I’m going to carve out those precious times and make them nice.  Give yourself three t’s occasionally..

Time , Tea and Toast .xxxx

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