Recently I was involved in a post discussion on Women in The Arts Scotland and it was a wonderful insight into what makes the perfect studio. My friend forwarded me the link again so I could join in again and I was embarrassingly slow at responding for the following reasons;

i like work

I am completely O.C.D when it comes to my work space. She will probably verify that actually   having been at Edinburgh Art college with me.. many moons ago. Some of our peers were able to create wherever their paintbrush landed , and make art out of the air they breathed. Alas I was not one of them. There were always too many things to think about and put together first, ideas to note   down, and drawings to sketch, projects to plan.  Ha ha,. But that was just the beginning… there was also the desk to get right! The materials to purchase.. the stationery or paint to buy ( Oh how wonderful are new art supplies!?! The desk or studio to rearrange, the coffee or ( At art college probably-beer!) to arrange artfully..- I’m being honest here…

blue brush tins

Back then I thought I was a bit wierd, and kicked myself for taking so long to start stuff, but now I think, those little quirks were important, and helped create the right atmosphere or feeling , and I did make a lot of art too!!! How we wish we could mentor our younger selves and tell them how well we are doing!!

vintage hug

And knowing what you like and need to create is a really important part of your creative world and journey. You can’t expect yourself to cook in a kitchen with no ingredients or pots. Why would art or craft be any different? It should be a multi sensory thing.. make it feel as wonderful as possible.. add a sprinkling of music, of soft rugs ,or a huge armchair. Make it warm. Make it cold if that’s your thing.  As long as eventually you get it to a point where you find your comfy spot!! I believe now that anyone can feel the joy of making.. something..  but if the space and feeling are right first!

fluffy socksSo now.. fast forward 23 years…. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! How did that happen? And I would appear to be at it still. Only now.. instead of one space.. it is three !! When we first moved to the house, I tried a variety of different combinations of studio and work spaces , which had to work around keeping an eye on a small person and being functional on a cold day, if body parts were particularly painful..

Things will inevitably move about again, but I have shuffled things into the space(s) that work best for this person, at this moment!

The caravan is both an office ( when weather permits) as well as a weekend retreat! It has  been decoupaged and chalk painted and has enjoyed the odd roll of vintage effect fablon.. This space feels very clean and organised! It is a great room for conjuring up ideas and playing music to annoy the neighbours xx

Inside the house, the spare room, is also a making room for sewing, and less messy pursuits! It is going to be impossible to be outside on cold days when my legs and hands are already blue! So I doubled the desk space , using a leftover kitchen counter scrap.

octobart 050

My actual studio is in a perfect spot.. you can see the sea from the window.. This was always my dream. For five years, I thought about seeing the sea.. even a little bit from a desk as you painted.  In my old house we cut a hole in the hedge and stuck a hollowed out piece of tree trunk in it as a window.. so there was a view of sorts.. ( and a cat bed) But I held this dream close and kept our goal..

This little hut is quiet and feels like I can make creative mess there that can’t be done in the house.. But it is a little small and nobody else can get in there with me and make  art too! So with the last few pennies found down the back of the sofa.. there is a new project about to start…

There will be an exciting new addition to the hut family soon! So a re-jigging and a re-purposing of current art hut as a proper summer house .. Hopefully by Christmas, I will be able to re-post this with the new baby! I can’t wait to show you. We will be finally closer to Liz at The Beach Hut and a venture we can share xxxxx!!

Liz xx



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