Bloomsbury Blooms

I have always been inspired by the softly colourful Art and gardens of the Bloomsbury group.

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You might trace my love of decoration and multi dimensional creative interests to the way these Artists lived and worked.
See the source imageDuncan Grant (1885-1978)Still-Life with Dahlias in a Glass

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What was the Bloomsbury group? | National Trust

Many paintings combined a Post-Impressionist approach to light and expressive brushwork, a sense of emotional weight influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite Artists and a painterly palette reminiscent of early Renaissance art. Like their gardens, painted furniture, walls and canvases mismatched harmoniously with soft chalky hues of dusty colours.

Our gardens over the last year have become so precious, if we are lucky to own a tiny bit of earth to plant in, even a window box , to see new life emerging has given us hope and a sense of not having to control all outcomes with clinical new life skills . Pops of colour and brilliant shades of green prove that the world is still turning and nature still knows what its doing.

Gardens can now once again become our sanctuaries where we share our lockdown accomplishments or simply sit with friends, blinking, slightly disbelieving that it is allowed. Did all that really happen this year?

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To pay homage to creating art in gardens everywhere, I bring you a few of our friends patches of paradise, and some of the artwork they do. After 18 months of online sharing first daily and then weekly, our little art group managed a foray into our own Bloomsbury set . It was heaven. Allan’s beautiful garden was the perfect setting and the sun played ball too. !

Here you can immerse yourself in the Bloomsbury site . Click the button. If travelling is not an option you can at least purchase some rather nice tea-towels online..

And if that isn’t an option either, then gather your attic essentials and an attitude of languid creative calm…

Who needs an art movement.. You got this already..

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A rare drawing time outside with no wind!

Wherever you are, I hope you are cramming in some much needed sunshine and visual joy exploring hedgerows, fields and your own backyards. And take a moment to wonder at all it’s haphazard, wild, colour clashing glory.

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Whilst wearing your best kimono of course !

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A little late but happy Summer Solstice

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It’s already raining today, all the more reason to enjoy natures paint box while we can. Cheers! xxx

With Love Liz at the beach hut x

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  1. Wonderful bloomings Bloomsbury lot are Great and Have visited Charleston environs so many ideas for beautification of the home environment, Also that my Niece Les managed to make a connection with you enjoy your blossoming years best Phils,.x.

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