Over the years, many collage techniques have been enjoyed in projects and artworks by adults and children. After a recent workshop. I decided to put together a few ideas into a collection you might like to refer, to for ideas when you want to try something new.
TISSUE paper, pencil, print
Detail of painting, Avenue of trees. Collage, inks, acrylic

Strategies to remember to get different  results in your artwork. Fun  techniques , such as oil pastel and ink, or adding details on top instead with chalk pastel or crayon  .Watered down pva glue painted onto your paper first, then tissue layers, then more glue. Use neat glue for adding textures like feathers. Play with dry and wet surfaces for ink , play and be careful with salt and bleach. Draw with glue and leave to dry, add gesso and dry brush paint.

Be a child again 🥰

Use simple shapes as a visual language


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