On Re-invention

How often do we get to really re-invent ourselves? Or re-discover styles and ideas we may have forgotten about? I have been thinking about that a lot recently, having just celebrated our one year anniversary of a new life here. Frantically painting, planting, creating this space… What.. And who do other people see ?!! There is no history of us here….nothing to gain ground on, for anyone to say, ‘Oh that’s ok, that’s just like them !!’
( I do think the neighbours are starting to now, as our garden paths get painted patchwork colours and more sculptures appear in the flower beds……)
It takes a lot of little things to makes us ‘us’. And a long time to realise that there is no formula, no magic ingredient and that no-one else can do the job quite like you.  But it is a tricky thing to be really and truly ok about…1950s hat fashion shot by Philippe Pottier (1)
Think about  airports.. I love a good airport departure lounge. Looking around at the thousands of snapshots of people’s lives, people between places, people on adventures, lovers in liaisons, people in meetings, families heading towards new lives, or the brave  away from old ones. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be absolutely anyone, dress as our alter ego, smarter self, more casual self, more romantic self and travel with the essence of our compacted personalities. Tiny bottles of perfume and miniature versions of normal dressing tables and wardrobes.. slivers of ‘us’… Mr Benn … through the door to a brand new adventure…. ( now I know your age!! ) ….
Guessing where people are going, where they live and if they always dress like they are in this moment, that is much more fun than gazing at the departure board… But is it a true indication of who they are? Probably not.
Perhaps if you had to design your absolute true summing up outfit it would just be too difficult, because, our us-ness is far far too flighty for that.  !
If we think too much about how we appear, we go bonkers. The best thing about getting older is the freedom to sink into our true form without the anxious voices of doubt questioning if it is fashionable or stylish enough to be credible. Our clothes are like layers of rock and sediment compressed into time capsules, until one day we can dig them up and reuse them once more..
When I think of my friends now, every single one of them is a different size and shape and has a unique way of dressing which would be recognisable to me anywhere.. But this thing that we see in others, is the hard thing to pin down in, and is even harder to do for ourselves. We can spend our lives trying to catch it.. the perfume of our own essence.. what other people see, feel, sense about us that builds up over time and experience .
It is like a little bird just flying off out of reach.
Love your style
So much of the world out there tries to force our uniqueness by making us copy each other. Technology plays a large part in this and loops us in so easily . (It has a place, if it weren’t for virtual friends we wouldn’t be chatting here..)  We can become an expert on everything from the internet, wax lyrical on every subject until we explode..
but..  Our wonderfully unique us-ness is not to be found on a phone.
Actually making, daubing, planting, stitching, twiddling once in a while.. is therapeutic, calming, mindful, and adding to the details of your existence in a unique way which lasts.. even in a power cut..
Creating your world in a unique way, no matter how small, is your gift. No matter what anyone thinks. You can’t please everybody. not everyone will get you, not everyone will know why your colours resonate, your shed is striped, some of your flowers are plastic..But some will and you keep them and add to your collection as you go…
Our Recent Fabulous Team.
Without help, our garden and Art Space would not be coming along in the way it is. We intend to build access in for wheelchair users and an outside space for group-work. Being challenged on the mobility front, makes me so grateful and aware of the time and generosity given by other people towards this goal. To help set up a space for creative exploring for artists and makers by the sea, regardless of ability or disability. More of you will be involved as the years go by, and that is the best medicine and foundation for  art projects and creative connections.
Thank you so so much R and co. !!! For your uniqueness helping us create ours. xx
We are round pegs in square holes and we make no excuses!
On our anniversary, we celebrate keeping on being creative, unique, working through pain when you can, the generosity of those who join you on the way and never ever apologising for your differences. You are all wonderful you are all welcome no matter what you’re wearing!
Wanted : friends for life , lovers of fun, makers of sand castles, eaters of delicious food at midnight, persons of tolerance and humility, lovers of art and books, sharers of souls and hearts, keepers of treasures not grudges , makers of magic not troubles , appreciates of people, gardens, places and stories and believers in happy endings . All others although wished well , need not apply .
Love the management xxx 

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  1. Wow what a philosophy for life, I have only recently found Liz on Facebook and one day (work permitting) I would like to attend one of her Art classes; however I find her determination to be cheerful and enthusiastic no matter what the circumstances inspirational…brilliant!

    1. Hi David. Thankyou very much for those kind words . It is a pleasure to write for, meet, teach and know such inspiring people and it makes it all worthwhile having little notes in your inbox. 🙂 Best wishes and we hope to see you at a class one day. Liz

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