Never judge a shelf of books,
Their covers bright or worn.,
Never think you know their words
On pages crisp or torn.

Life is unpredictable, 
Will catch you unawares.
Life will take your breath away, 
Push you down the stairs.

Life will keep you guessing,
Shove you from behind.
Life will show you miracles, 
Then fuggle up your mind.

Life will give you lemons,
Tempt you with it's zing.
Bitter, sickly sherbet, 
Sharp as diamond ring.

Life will have you laughing,
Deep from in your belly.
Post you news in envelopes, 
Turn your legs to jelly.

Friends, they will surround you,
Always will be there,
Blink and life can conjure;
Rooms with empty chairs. 

Bodies they will trick you,
Clothes will shrink and grow.
Who you really can be,
-maybe you’ll never know.

One day, is a mountain.
Hidden in the clouds.
High enough to vanish,
Peering down at now.

Everyone is lonely,
Standing in a crowd.
Everyone needs someone,
Just to say they’re proud.

There’s times when it will feel like,
The worst you’ve ever known.
But there are days of wonder
And miracles you’re shown.  

In crisis you’ll imagine,
This weight will never pass. 
But one day in the mirror, 
Your face smiles in the glass.

A path can change so swiftly, 
Through illness , loss or means.
But you are still inside you,
Each costume change is seen.

To stand in tumbling chaos,
And hold on to your wings,
Shows bravery you're hiding;
Help others do those things. 

You are at once amazing;
Yet hardly here at all.
The universe inside you,
A grain of sand so small.

Your Ark is one of millions,
All bobbing on the sea.
Wave from your deck and reach them,
As close as you and me. 

The journey life will take you, 
Will pass through many lands. 
And what you carry with you, 
Is firmly in your hands. 

For time is an illusion,
 and things don’t make us real.
Be grateful, kind and open
And savour every meal. 

x LW x

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