So here we are in our nest.

As the dawn chorus begins, the early quiet hours are filled with brushstrokes and box opening, cobweb clearing and life laundry.

Having had everything in storage for nine months, space was a strange experience. It was too short a time to forget your old life, but too long to feel like a holiday. Although some things were missed; favourite clothes and books, things to cook with, memories and a larger shoe collection than Clarks; the edges of our world contracted a little; and there was a clearer focus on the mini world created . The house and all of us breathed a little easier in each other’s company, and without too much clobber in the way.

We had no furniture but we had paint!

This would be, the calm before the storm, and after two weeks of relative ease, space and gentle speculation on where things might go, these guys arrived..

(This was a full van !!!)

Oh well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs! A painting worth painting needs a rainbow. And this old house will be getting a lot of t.l.c.

Slowly unveiling hidden treasures under carpets.

It has been interesting to see what surprises pop up from under the old carpets!

And under the earth.

A beautiful surprise around every garden corner

The garden is on many levels. A cottage garden at the back

And a lovely lawn at the front, which will be landscaped (maybe) one day. The view from the whole building is beautiful in the early morning. (This is not our house in the picture)

There is a lot of painting going on here. Redoing the dated kitchen cupboards in a soft shaker blue.

Funking up the teenage cave. The very pleasant second bedroom is now a chic boudoir with a few vintage touches .

Outside the dining room is the Mopsie garden, named after my grandma, whose herb garden outside her window I loved as a child. This is a lovely sun trap and a little rockery and place for pots and coffee . Still needing a little love, but a wonderful suntrap and place for hostas!

Up the stairs the apple and cherry trees have been well cared for. It has been lovely hanging out laundry, especially after week after week at the laundrette for nine months . Although the steps are steep so I leave that particular task to my minions … 🤗

A variety of different plants have begin to pop up, now that the season has begun. A Pandora’s box of tricks blending wild flowers and perennials, shrubs and alpines.

And the Liz at the beach hut blue pots have survived their journey ..

Last week saw the renovating of a big old shed outside, a dumping ground for half the storage boxes .

Which has been converted to a studio. At least for the warmer months ! A lick of white paint, shelves for Art books and a gazillion boxes of Art supplies have been emptied and organised.

From a spider’s petting zoo, this old hut has become a cosy and functional space.

Perhaps we might end up sleeping out there!

This week’s job is a massive damp proofing, wall bashing type thing..

Whilst making secret plans for paint colours…

However, in other areas progress is slowly being made, with much appreciated support from friends..

While the animals look on and keep everyone calm

Even choosing the odd bit of decor!

Thank you for your comments and likes, for this and our Sea sparkle blog. We look forward to showing you more house progress soon

Have a lovely week,

Liz at the Beach Hut


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  1. Thank you for hearing this wonderful new world that you are creating!! All the best, Karen

    1. Thankyou so much. Lovely things need to be shared. I get so exited every time a flower comes out!No money for furniture but who cares when you got wildflowers!! Lots of love, Liz xxx 🙂

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