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Take a rusty old birdcage found at the recycling. See it’s potential.

Sand away surface rust and dirt.

Lay a dust sheet under the birdcage. Use hard-wearing spray paint suitable for metal. Leave to dry between coats until both inside and out are covered.

Now for paper mache birds. You will need modroc plaster bandages, water, scissors, wire, newspaper, card, masking tape and a glue gun. (or you could just buy ready made model birds! )

Scrunching up a body from newspaper, attach a similar ball for the head with masking tape. Form a beak using tape too. Push wire through the body and out the other side to form legs, twisting the feet into however many toes you need.

Multi task building up layers of soaked modroc on your model, whilst simultaneously cuddling guinea pigs.

Some areas of your model might need tiny pieces of modroc.

Leave to dry and then begin layering coloured tissue paper with a mix of 50%water/50% pva brushed both under and over each layer)

Add more layers whilst learning your choir lines!

Paint details and textures with acrylic paint.

Don’t forget the feet!

Add lights and leaves to your birdcage.

Add feathers and more detail.

Leave to dry.

Add loops for hanging.

Glaze with modpodge varnish

Be unique.

If you can get your birds to stay in their cage please do put them there, sometimes though, they might just find their way back out again…

Caught you!

Not you as well. !!

Your birds will work equally well in and on your cage, lit up with your fairy lights.

Experiment with lights and greenery. Keeping any naked flame or hot bulbs away from plastic and paper.

Just don’t paper mache your guinea pigs xx

Happy Making!!