Under the stairs

We seem to have single-handedly kept the d.i.y shops open this month with buckets of paint and miscellaneous pieces of wood and tools. After the damp proofing was done downstairs, the list of jobs to finish was extensive. Not one space but the overall lower area needed an overhaul.

Layers of plaster were chipped back to get damp proofing done inside the old stone walls.

Goodbye old moth eaten carpets and grubby whitewashed-for-the-sale walls. Hello early morning wallpaper-bombing and squillions of layers of stair paint.

Under the stair the thick 17thC cupboard walls, paint keeping the plaster in place.

Original under-stair floor tiles. Possibly dating back to when all the houses were a hotel. Or maybe earlier.

The cupboard was feeling a little lonely and unloved, although there were plans for it’s future; it had become a dumping ground for extra bedding and hoovers.

So.. I managed to do a little suggesting (with the additional bonus that no office space need now be shared)

And the cupboard began it’s transformation into an office. I was kindly made a perfectly fitted desk out of board to maximise the tiny space.

Which, when painted has become an ideal and functional table and thinking and writing spot. Whatever the weather I now have a place to work where I can still see who is at the door and keep an eye on the food cooking/teenagers trekking in/animals lugging in another wilderbeast etc..

It is cosy and I know where my pens are. Thankyou to D and L for the bag of magical charms.

The tiny old wooden bureau fits into the corner perfectly

Below- Moments

Elsewhere in the hall, other gatherings are taking shape. This is a vintage dresser top, shortened by the other half, moulded together, flipped upside down and re-painted! It now houses the vintage toy collection (that we have found so far- several boxes still to open…)

Painstaking door trim painting has brought some of the black detail out around the house.

We both love old books and I was gifted my late Stepfather’s collection which are a great addition to here.

Some of the wallpapers in the house renovation are from The Chateau papers by Angel Strawbridge

Back to the cupboard I go, waiting for the flooring to come and getting on with some examples for an Art class next week. Come along if you’re near Newton Abbot on Thursday. Posters are on the Seasparkle blog and facebook page.

Yours in Paint,

Liz xxx