Once there was a staircase

Sad and green and old,

Years of feet trod wooden boards,

Furry, young and old.

Never ordinary,

A rainbow hid inside,

Steps in shades of yesterday,

One by one they dried.

Books crept from each corner,

Words to tempt and teach,

Ultimate the library,

Almost within reach.

Pots and brushes laboured,

Early every morn,

Stumbling feet avoided,

painting fast at dawn.

Best remembered teachings,

Fairies, knights and whales,

Comforting as always;

childhood bedtime tales.

Read by aunts and grandpas,

Gifts from loves long past,

Spines of books so vital,

Out of crates at last.

Now the stairs dress boldly,

Each an outfit smart,

Stop halfway and linger,

Step enchanted art.

Open up your memories,

Warm your sock-wrapped tread,

Climb a little further, soaking

all the books you’ve read..