Bedroom and Study

Once there was a tired old bedroom…

Stuck in it’s ways

With nasty fitted cupboards and a bright pink coat

Fairly quickly it was carpeted and the very long awaited bed from storage was put together; not only blessing us with a proper rest after a lot of temporary and always too small, sleeping places, but best of all there was…..


The first stage of the bedroom’s transformation was to get rid of the harsh pink colour and the tatty paper. The walls were painted in country living duck egg blue and we began to jiggle furniture into the space. A previously decoupaged trunk sits in the foreground.

In a house where there was ongoing damp-proofing and builders trudging through, leaking pipes and avalanches of toppling boxes downstairs; this room was a gently forming soft, plump, memory filled haven.

It felt wonderful to re-unite old treasures and favourite pieces

Whilst searching out funky new ones.

This palette of woodland greys, greens and soft pale aquas feels very calming . Easy to change different bedding, blankets and a never ending supply of velvet cushions!

As boxes and antique fairs offer up new possibilities, a parade of possible keepsakes will stay a while, maybe shuffle, maybe get swapped about. Plants find their spot, books get their day, corners get their moment in the light.

The window waiting to frame each morning’s view, our little piece of Devon.

The biggest storage issue was always going to be my clothes! A lifetime of rummaging in vintage shops, charity shops, and occasional treats from a few favourites like Seasalt, Laura Ashley, Kath Kidston and TK Maxx. Rough colour chunking helps me find a specific garment!

Antique looking Venetian wallpaper behind the bed at the back of the wall.

Quiet place in a new velvet chair from ebay by the window. Ikea sage green velvet curtain


The original Laura Ashley wallpaper in the small bedroom. Interesting, and very retro, but a tad overwhelming.

After a LOT of layers of paint on walls which had to for now, retain the wallpaper underneath, to keep them in tact, The study could begin to take shape.

The temporary space at one end of the study was set up to start organising products. A big undertaking.

The other side caters for someone else’s career and interests!

Neatened up and a little more sorted, the room began to feel less cluttered and we could even picture a spare bed for guests.

Because there’s no place like home

We all have our favourite place to chill

The window alcove currently retains a little of the old paper, a backdrop for a tiny boat collection and paintings by my friend Ruth.

As you can see, my patience ran out. Making somewhere for guests felt important. Despite not having large areas of the downstairs complete, at least we can now provide a little sanctuary. Books were gathered, tables shuffled, zed bed pulled out and an instant cat sofa created!! All beautifully covered by a quilt made by another of my fabulous friends Ruth in the borders.

Cataloging this lot has been a mammoth task and details will follow soon of how to see and purchase prints and cards.

Happily the space can still be made useful to package up an order.

For now the rooms have an identity and are being made good use of. We await carpets and tilers and all kinds of shuffling about. So who knows where they will all be in a month or two. My tolerant other half may wake to new wallpaper tomorrow..

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