Eat and bathe

Thank you for your patience of late. The mantra, eat * sleep * paint * repeat has played on a permanent loop for months. How did Summer arrive with such abandon? Rationing food supplies in favour of chalky, vintage colours, we have begun the transformation of this lovely house; a little faded in her glamour but still quite beautiful.

The first space to get a makeover was the kitchen. All else was chaos, but we could eat and have a space to get our minds clear for two minutes! Like the Forth Road bridge, it is very probable that once the house is complete, this room will need re-doing as it has taken knocks already from mucky workmen and a variety of renovation dirt! The floor is also on the list for the lottery win.

A much longed for bird-watching window, waiting for it’s new Morris blind.

Ah the joy of unpacking life’s luxuries and finding them!

Roses in one of the vintage French jugs on the kitchen windowsill.

Thanks to several bird feeders outside, washing up is a pleasure.

Finally gifts from Christmas past have made their way home

An improved, bright and functional kitchen space with lots of potential. Once the other rooms downstairs are finished too, there will be a dining room leading off this space and plates in plate cupboards and not cardboard boxes!

This is the bathroom, which already had a big personality and just required a re-paint and the addition of a long sleeper shelf, with filigree brackets for storage.

Plants and old glass bottles have settled well into corners in here, and echo the green of the huge trees outside.

Finished off with a hand-painted mural of wisteria and roses around the window.

Now, what to decorate next?


6 thoughts on “Eat and bathe”

  1. Beautiful Liz ! Your insight into what can be is amazing xx I hope despite health issues you are truly happy and living the dream xxxx

    1. Thankyou Jane. The climate here is significantly better for RA and OA so not so bed bound with pain. You have to choose to live with the cards dealt if you are managing it the best you can I guess. And sunshine and space is a tonic. Now teenagers- that’s a different story! x

  2. Liz you make beautiful beautiful so glad to see the French pot still being loved. Wonderful transformation

  3. your new home looks gorgeous……i love the flower painting at the side of the window and the transformation of your kitchen. Good luck withh it al Don’t paint to much at a time and wreck your shouder.
    jane foulis

    1. Thankyou Jane. Paint jobs are almost done apart from the never ending skirting boards! It will be the turn of the sewing projects soon, so more like eye and knee strain!! xx

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