Factory settings

Factory settings

Could we go back to the manual please ?
Switch on the buttons from scratch,
Start from beginning, when shiny was new,
When my precious egg hadn’t hatched.

Back to the time before I was complete,
When your tiny hand was in mine;
Searching your soul for the ones that were lost,
Deep in my bones and in time.

Back to the pink and the talc and the night,
Back to the first days of school.
Back to the stories and dressing to match,
Back to when silly was cool.

Back to when simple distraction won through,
Chasing the tears from your mind.
Back to where, in open arms you would stay,
If ever the world felt unkind.

Monsters are clever, they’ll catchy you with ease;
weave through your still sleeping mind,
Tying in tangles your thoughts and your words,
And sculpting new masks less than kind.

Fear hangs it’s heavy cloak
Dark on our back,
Velvety, dark, deadly sad.
Unknown dementors their shadows loom large,
Stealing the thunder we had.

Black are your brambles,
Sharp are your thorns;
Poisons each bud God creates.
Loosen your grip with their tangles of vine,
Bend as your iron will, breaks.

My chest, once softly open,
Is struggling to breathe.
A cavern of boulders within
Though arrows are shot from your tongue not your bow,
Each one settles deep in my skin.

How will I know when to growl and to roar?
Splinter the night into shards.
When did the world slip it’s axis and drop?
Tripping you terribly hard.

Glimpses are fleeting
A momentary thing, letting me know you’re inside.
Precious as saffron,
As yellow as spring,
Turning you back with the tide.

Could we wipe out all the sadness and pain ?
All of the noise, all the rage.
Reset the monsters back safe in their lair,
Open a crisp, white new page.

Every new morning, sets up its own stage,
A theatre waiting for you.
Love keeps applauding your glow in the light,
Yearning to scream your next cue.

Time finds its basket, settles your paws,
blankets your worries and woes.
Barbed and unwieldy the forests you’ve grown,
scented and painted in rose.

Know I still see you,
Just as you are,
Just as you always will be.
Tiny and perfect and shouting your truth,
Holding your gaze up to me.

A N.Mother

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