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Come dine

Autumn is coming and we crave a space to read and think and dream

Only…….. That might take a little lateral thinking! In a dining room which has been a storage corridor since we moved in.

Although not everything in the house is ancient,

We had feeling that there was a pretty nice slate floor under the years of carpet goo and dirt.

Our lovely tiler Tom worked his way through several types of solvent, patiently scraping, pouring and scouring

Eventually using a solution of very hot water and steam to bring out the patina of the stone. These old quarry tiles are a beautifully random jigsaw puzzle and form the oldest floor in the house.

And finally, our neighbour helped bring some furniture in enabling our garage to start to breathe a sigh of relief!

Some pleasures are so simple!

Oh bowls how I’ve missed you!

It felt amazing to finally see the space as a room at last, with no boxes to trip over

What was once an old kitchen or maybe an entrance hall suddenly started to look like a dining room.

Initially furniture needed to settle, to see how the room would be used. It was felt that the amount of dark furniture overwhelmed the space and two huge leather reading chairs, unfortunately didn’t quite fit in the nook.

Old and new Autumn colours and Textures

Although in the evening, dark spaces can be cosy and warm, we needed more light in the room.

Permission to paint!

Some lighter furniture bounces the light in the space now.

Our little Book nook

The oldest books have found their ideal bookshelves .

Now, just to find a moment to read them all … ❤️

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